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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is the newest version of the most popular Web browser on Microsoft. Creating the latest version of IE with new features and new features, Microsoft has great confidence in version 9.

The first thing you see about Internet Explorer 9 is the modified interface. Creating the most transparent style that appears in Windows 7 and the new version of Windows Vista, IE 9 looks smaller, smarter than ever. As in Google Chrome, Address and Search box is connectedto create a smooth and smooth experience.

Among the new features included in Internet Explorer 9 are the best integration with Windows operating system and ultimate security system. IE 9 also lets you import the Superbar site and lets you customize your favorite web page as ‘software’ in your OS. Counselor New Counselors Advisor is referred to as an additional Internet Explorer tool (features that require more Mozilla Firefox).

Internet Explorer 9 also offers speedsand optimum performance, as well as best compliance with new web standards and technologies. IE 9 has good support for HTML 5 (a new generation of rich media sites using this language), and has not completed 3 Acid Testing 3 and 95/100 completely. New features like relying on recovery and Inprivate Filtering provide great Internet Explorer and a safer web experience than many other browsers.

Generally, the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is fasterand better than ever – and toss tactics on its competitors. Be careful: browser battle finds that we will be cautious again.