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PES 2014

PES 2014 returned to the game, paying attention to the game at this time. The highlight of this publication is a new graphics engine, great animation and great atmosphere.

League, cup, championships and online multiplayer

Pro Evolution Soccer, a patch that can be downloaded now, offers many games:

crossstages provide advice and recommendations for shooting and moving in situations of specific games and games with significant interruptions in unlimited time.

PESDesign of the 2014 menu is not bad, but from the point of view of usefulness, it is an adherent of modern and new FIFA 14.

Freedom of movementin field

PES 2014 under the control of the game has undergone many revolutions. The most important feature of TrueBall Tech is: by improving analog joystick control, you can stop or control 360 degrees. The result is an amazing realism, and the free movement of the PES is unprecedented.This can improve the physics of the ball, which means no « bowling » effect, associated with a one-year series.

This is also strengthened by Jolas, they are much softer and believable. The strength, weight and physical strength of the players can cause the shoulder to affect the shoulders or shoulder between the players.

Maneuvers alsological: the team plays for the team, and the pace is slower than in previous years. The robber of the player’s ball is more difficult and fits in the back of the net. Now you need to take action in the playing field and in the right order to achieve the goal of the team player.

PES 2014 does not track changes to theduring the games, because they are natural movements. The cross is calibrated « manually », but some tracks are controlled.

Thegoalkeepershobetu egin dira. They have great animation, and some savings are incredible. He must persuade the path that governs pilots and crosses when he searches for the attacker,the sluggishness of the goalkeeper’s reactivity and the lack of a great preference. He continues (Y-button Xbox-Joypad).

Artificial intelligence is one of the highest achievements in PES 2014. Players processed by the processor can move on and make it more fun, workas a group and, if necessary, take pictures that do not speak. 6 AI difficulty levels are right.

But playing well in PES 2014 also requires tactics that are right for your team. The recreation zone is limited to FIFA, but this shortage is compensated by an excellent editor by a set ofmodules creating opportunities.

The extraordinary climate of John

The new graphics engine Fox’s PES 2014 works well. All the data was taken into account, and the authentic physical players with the virtual player are impressive (but only for the celebrities the « less famous » cards are slightly on the edges). He paid close attention toattention to the production of each level, with excellent choreographic details and banners of each group.

These combinations require engine cooling: sometimes the droplets of the frame are noticed. We have no game experience. In addition, due to rain or snow. It’s not a reviewer, but it’s not an ordinary gamethis calibrated.

Another new feature of PES 2014 is « practically », not « binary »: players move freely and without a predefined structure.

Sound effects, perhaps, are the best elements of PES 2014. Public 12 in the team support the playing field – it’s a constant roar, againstany dangerous movement, the goals of whistleblowers and hunters. He emphasizes, especially in the most crazy races. In general, Konami manages to create a player who is really emotionally involved in the additional atmosphere.

Dawn of a new era

ToProPro Evolution Soccer is the beginning of a new era. itthe publication is subject to the gameplay: more team players, better control of players, a review of the physics of the ball, realistic games and functions to improve various functions.

So, PES 2014 is finally defeated by FIFA? In a nutshell, the EA Simulator is still the king But not the gapsagain declined, and Konami is an alternative that is now possible.

Drivers played a fun and useful game, so that players could dive into the stadium, equal to other matches.

Fox Engine, although still extremely rude and rude, is vital for the revival of the franchise. Konami, of course,made a big step in the right direction: the name simulation aspect greatly improved all the purists of genres with great happiness.